John Emerson:  Those are sort of foo-foo looking goats, though, sort of high-society social parasite looking goats.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Language Hat:  The kind of goats who will eat only imported tin cans.

Here are some pictures that show their tougher side:

img_74281Number 4145 is Misty.  If you remove the number from her ear the authorities could say she’s not legally a goat, not a goat on paper, otherwise I would do so.

img_7427We shear them twice a year, and after they have been sheared they wear coats for two weeks in case it gets cold.  This is Vesla, the small one; note that her horns are smaller too.
holly (l.) & misty
A friendly butt from Misty.  Note that Holly, on the left, has blue eyes; it’s very unusual and her best feature, in my opinion.  Misty’s brown eyes are more friendly, except when she butts you. Misty my favourite goat, she is the smartest and the best communicator.
img_3092They don’t look so tough when their wool has grown out a bit.  Remember that these are angora goats, not milking goats.  They supply us with very soft, warm mohair wool.