Here are some more photographs of life on the other side of the planet (other side from me, anyway).  The comments are from our own correspondent, Siganus Sutor.

A bunch of young tendraks that I photographed about two years ago in the Black River gorges
In 2006 there was a seal that decided to spend some time ashore on the west coast. People went quite wild about it. (I don’t think that a seal had ever been seen on a beach in Mauritius before.)


There are also some monstrous creatures that “grow” in our garden…

…and which the dog loves to attack.
Finally, Sig sent a picture of a snail to which I’ve added one of his local goats, for scale.  They’re the biggest snails I’ve ever seen.  We can ask Dearieme, but I’d imagine a family of Scotspersons could dine on one of these for a week (roast snail, cold roast snail, snail sandwiches, etc.)