vesle-as-zebraWhen they’ve been sheared, the goats wear coats for a couple of weeks.  It’s just to allow enough time for their wool to grow out a little bit so they won’t get cold.  Immediately following a shearing, the other goats seem to pretend not to recognise their colleague underneath her new look; each sheared member of the flock has to reestablish her position in the heirarchy.  Being the smallest, Vesla has the hardest time.  You would think that being bottom of the heap would mean she doesn’t have much of a position to reestablish, but it doesn’t work that way.  She gets butted for a day or two and has to take part in lots of five-minute challenge matches.

With this in mind, a few years ago my wife made Vesla a special coat from some zebra-striped fabric she’d bought on sale in Olso.  When the others saw her, they absolutely freaked.  ‘What the hell is this?’ they seemed to be saying, while Vesla trotted around going ‘I’m a zebra, I’m a zebra’.  It worked very well.  This is the only picture I can find of Vesla in her zebra coat.  You can see the effect better on Alma, who got one too.