Here is the view from the window as I write.  You can see it’s about to rain:

cherry blossom2

When I was a student, Columbia University’s graduation was always about May 10.  All the cherry blossom would be out on the main walk east-west across the campus, at 116th Street.  It was a beautiful sight.  When I moved here the blossom would come out a couple of weeks later, but we’re catching up — thanks to global warming, I suppose.  Now it’s cleared up, I’ll go outside.


cherry blossom

Last Autumn I bought ten pots of unexciting-looking, half-dead cowslips very cheaply at a garden centre.  That’s the time to buy things in bulk.  Now they look wonderful again:


Misty seems fond of the blossom:


She loves the morello cherries, I bet she’s thinking of those:

misty2This is what she’s looking at:

misty's blossom