Up until now I have written nothing about our hens.  Nowadays we only have three; at one time we had about seven, I think.  The last survivor of out first batch died last year (they live for  roughly six years).  These two are our most recent hens: Cloudy and Jockey.  They are from a breed called Salmon Faverolles, which is now my favourite breed (very friendly, good eggs and feathered feet).P5140064

P5140061They soon turned into this:

P7060141Below, the one in the foreground is a Welsummer. called Regnbuestråle or Rainbow-beam.  I’m including the link so that you can see what our finest cockerel, Leopold looked like.  Leopold was a Welsummer who died defending the others from a dog that got into the garden, a chow.  It made p.3 of the local newspaper, and not just because nothing much happens around here.


Chickens the world over perform the same action.  They scrape the ground with the claws of one foot, then they take two steps back and look to see if they’ve unearthed an insect or a worm. Then, if they have, they eat it.

cloudy, jockey, reinbowstrålle

Here is Regnbuestråle with Blackie and I think Gulegg (a Buff Orpington), Blackie is a very nice, timid hen, I think an Australorps (i.e. Australian Orpington), who is still with us.


What else?  This is Cloudy again.  Hens are the nicest pets and they give us fresh eggs and excellent manure for the garden.