This is my favourite rose in our garden; it’s called Aicha (Petersen, 1962).  There’s a lovely English single one that’s similar, called Mermaid, but it’s not hardy enough for Norway.  Here’s Aicha:


It has just started to bloom and it lasts about three weeks.

This is why I like it.  Firstly, its situation; it draws you round the corner of the house where you’re able to see the meadow and the hillside,


Secondly, I love the way it fades from dark yellow to pale creamy white.  Thirdly, I like bees and it attracts dozens at a time,


Fourth, I like the way it’s big flowers are only slightly ‘double’, rose-gardener parlance for multi-layered petals, and flat.  Fifth, it has a gorgeous scent*.


I’ve never had much success with foxgloves before; so I didn’t know that just when you think they’re over, the blooms begin again:


*My daughter said yesterday she doesn’t like the word ‘scent’ and prefers to say ‘smell’.  My mother won’t say a bottle of ‘perfume’ and will only call it ‘scent’.  I say all three words, but I wonder if this is a hereditary thing that’s skipped a generation?