Today I was planning to do a post about rhubarb, but the camera’s battery is flat.  Here instead are some pictures  I took a couple of days ago of the horses that have been brought into the field below our house.


They’re always shuffling the animals around so there’s enough for them to eat.


These horses come every year for their summer holidays.


They work in a riding school, which is tremendous drudgery


— being kicked in the sides all day long by ten-year-old girls who can’t ride properly — so they deserve the rest.  They’re getting about six weeks, this year.


Afterwards, Alma took me down to the lake to see an enormous horse (she’d checked them all out already).


It’s about 175 cm high, which is smaller than a cold-blooded cart horse, but still very large compared to Alma — who’s 5′-8″ — and the horse behind.