Mab has sent me three photographs taken at her dacha — ! her dacha ! — outside Moscow.  It’s SO interesting to see where the Hatters live.

These are older pictures taken with a not-very-good camera.  The road in the dacha community where my little house is:

small dacha road

the light one morning, taken  after I came out of the outhouse and saw what I call “Hester Prynne” light:

early light at dacha copy

and one of my cats with a spectacular mushroom (I stuck her there to show the size of the mushroom):

trixie and mushroom copy

An update, July 5, from mab (I ought to mention that if you click two times on the pictures you will get them much enlarged and in more detail):  These pictures I took Friday late afternoon with my better camera.

This mushroom definitely looks poisonous….


The Queen Anne’s Lace had a nice bug on it:)  (Click twice to see the bug at a reasonable size –AJP)


I rent two rooms built on to the garage, with a kind of terrace between them. The yard shot is the view from my terrace looking back into the yard. My landlord’s house is a kind of double house (for two families), designed by my landlady’s brother-in-law, who is a relatively famous architect here. The “other side of the house” is the view of his side of the house from the back of the yard.


You can see that we don’t do much landscaping — we just live in the woods.


My dacha community was once just little wooden houses owned by scientists and mathematicians. But after they were privatized, they began to be sold off to rich jerks. The rich jerks generally cut down all the trees, plant grass (all the better to pretend that they are English lords), and built awful brick houses with turrets and windows in odd places (ditto on fake English lords). We hate them, and they hate us. BUT, they are rich and nervous (some walk their dogs with bodyguards…) and the result is that we now have excellent security out here. I don’t lock my car or door at night. A guard drives around three times a day, looking for burglars and assassins. There is something to be said for a good security force, especially if you aren’t paying for it.