Alma has given Tops a radical haircut for the summer; she even used electric clippers.  We haven’t seen Topsy’s eyes since she was a puppy.

You aren’t supposed to do this, according to the racial purity laws of the Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Owners League, or whatever they’re called.  Alma says the fur will have to grow out again before Topsy can take part in a dog show.  Why is that important?  Because unless she’s won a prize at a dog show, we the owners can’t sell or give away any puppies she has; if we were to try to do so the breeder we got her from could demand her return.  Why didn’t we get a mongrel?  Well, I’m allergic to most dog fur; I can only live with Wheatens and Labradoodles and that lot (and Alex, apparently).  The funny thing is they have such strong, rigorous opinions about dog aesthetics, but you should see the judges themselves; the men all look like Terry-Thomas and the women like Margaret Rutherford.