2fernBy the fence that runs along the east side of our property is a wood.  Actually it’s more of a forest; more like the dark evergreen forest in a fairytale, a place where witches live and there’s an occasional gingerbread house with smoke curling from the chimney.  We sometimes take the goats through the forest to a rocky point about a twenty-minute walk from our house.  There on a clear day is a view all the way to Oslo, twenty kilometres away.  If you squint, you can even make out Oslo City Hall.

The goats trot in a line, as they do when we take them to the reservoir.


I’ve never to my knowledge actually seen a witch in the forest.  What I have seen is a lot of anthills.  They are all connected.  Apparently there’s an enormous network of anthills that stretches all the way to Chile in the west and Mongolia in the east.  I doubt that they have a proper telephone-like connection.


After ten minutes we come to a clearing.

12pathIt’s bigger than a clearing; it’s where the local authority dug a 40 km-long emergency water pipeline, just in case something goes wrong with the normal one (“Be prepared”, the Norwegian motto).


Removing the trees created a scenic overlook, as well as a strange long line of dead wood.


But what is the point of this walk?


Bugger the view, the point is berries.  So, after some scrambling…


down the side of the rock…


we get to…


some Mountain Ash.  Somehow I lost my trousers on the way down.

8eating mtn ash

This deer is wondering what happened to my trousers.  We hardly ever see deer.


Misty couldn’t care less about my trousers, she loves birch leaves.