My wife grew up on Norwegian army bases, her father was a professional soldier.  When he died earlier this year she acquired this dish — it’s roughly nine-inches across, very solidly made, rather nice for potatoes.


I was looking at it this morning, it’s got a swastika on the bottom.  According to my wife, when the Norwegians regained ownership after WW2, the former-German military bases were in good shape and they didn’t see any reason to throw away the china.


It looks to my uneducated eye like it had belonged to the German airforce.  But why did they bring plates that had been manufactured in Bohemia?  It’s so far away.  And come to think of it, I thought the German name was Böhmen.  Why were they calling it Bohemia, assuming it was not for the convenience of English speakers?


The little squiggle at the bottom seems to have a heraldic lion inside.  The dish is in perfect condition, no chips or crazing.  I wonder if it’s worth any money, or if we’ll just get to keep it?