Svayambh is the name of a work by Anish Kapoor.  It means auto-generated, self-made, in Sanskrit.  It’s part of his show that’s on at the moment at The Royal Academy, in Piccadilly. I think both this piece and the show as a whole look magnificent and a lot of fun; I’d love to go.  Svayambh is an enormous, many-tonned blob of red wax that runs on rails through five of the Academy’s huge galleries, squeezing and oozing its way through the aligned doorways, extruding itself into the shape of a train (a holocaust transport, some have said), or a loaf of bread (another proposal) all because of the shape of the arches.  Incidentally I’m sure all such comparisons are welcomed by Kapoor, so if it reminds you of something — hemorrhoids, for instance — don’t worry.

To avoid long, unnecessary downloading I’ll simply link to the only youtube videos I can find of it:

And here’s one of another piece, called Shooting Into The Corner: