My family thought that apart from say a bunch of buttercups or pussy willow, cut flowers were a bad idea; flowers ought to be left to grow. My wife not only has no qualms about cutting anything down, she likes to leave it in the vase until completely dead in order to watch the decay.  I’m with her on this; I love vases of flowers, big or small, alive or dead.  She recently inherited her mother’s collection of glass and here she’s put some moss in one of the little vases.  I encourage all kinds of moss to grow.  After the wet summer we’ve had it’s flourishing in the garden; it’s all over the huge boulders at the bottom of the hill too.  Well, it’s always been there; I think moss ought to be the Norwegian national plant.


Here’s some moss on the rubble wall behind Vesla, taken today.  The rocks came from the forest, but the moss seems to be doing well here:


I have to remove it from in between the cobbles; the moss gets overgrown with grass, and pretty soon the cobbles have disappeared altogether.