Here you can see the before and after:

bef-aft forest

It looks bleak, but that’s partly because of the season.  Next year, with the help of some seed, I’m hoping to get some more things to grow at ground level.  That will partly depend on my cunning at protecting any plants and bushes from the cows and goats.  The goats love their new pasture, they were afraid of the forest.


Recently they have been out there on their own every day:

ves åsen
That long greenish strip by the roadside (above Vesla in the picture above) is the pile of branches that were stripped off the trunks, turning them into proper “logs”.  They’ll leave it for a year and then sell it to make paper pulp.

The lumberjack said they’re required by law to leave a few of the tree type they’ve chopped down, as well as some dead and overturned trees.  It’s for birds and animals so they still have material to make nests; nature’s IKEA.


It still seems pretty odd to be able to see this from our house:

dark sky small

It reminds me of the six pine trees in Winnie The Pooh.

house @ pooh corner

It reminds Holly it’s time for lunch.