I’m going to make a prediction about the next big thing.  It’s going to be rocks.  Well maybe not the next big thing, but sometime in the next few years rocks are going to be big in every home; they’ll be used for chairs and table legs and beds and bathtubs and stuff like that or couples will scatter huge boulders in the living room to make a statement.

Why rocks?  Maybe it’s just that I see a lot of rocks, living in Norway, but think about it: people are getting really sick of electronic appliances as Christmas presents.  It’s hard to get thrilled by a laptop or a camera that makes phone calls or a flat-screen telly.  What gets us excited nowadays isn’t owning stuff, it’s owning lots of emptyness: Space, the final frontier and ultimate luxury.    Yesterday I saw an advertisement for a double-height “suite” (= big cabin) on a new cruise ship.  It had a grand piano in it, and I’m guessing it’s not because a lot of rich people are also pianists; it’s because a grand piano signals that you’ve got sooo much space that you’re obliged to try and find things to fill it up.

Rocks are incredibly heavy and serve no purpose.  They are very labour-intensive to clean.  They can really eat up space.  Buy some rocks now.