Fun Things To Do In Cold Weather.

When it’s minus 43 ° C. (that’s -45 ° F.), you can take some boiling water, throw it up in the air and watch it freeze before it hits the ground.  You can see the whole video here.  It says in the article

Several times, Ingrid takes water directly from the boiling kettle into a cup and out into the cold.  And it turns to snow every time.

In more fun cold things:

Though it’s only -20-ish here, all the fuses in my car blew this morning. I’m hoping they fix it before everyone goes home early.

Other news about the cold weather … No, wait.  This one’s about Britain. In today’s Guardian it says:

Temperature in Scottish Highlands dips to -21C, almost as low as south pole, as snow prolongs disruption

But it’s the summer at the South Pole, you nitwits.

Tomorrow: Sixty Minus Degrees.