I enjoy watching the crows and magpies that live around here.  For one thing, I love the way they look; for another, I love their anthropomorphic behaviour.  You can imagine what’s going through their mind, though I don’t see it at all like Ted Hughes did.  The magpies are very timid in human presence, but the other day one hopped up the ramp to the out-house and started tapping with its beak on the glass doors: it had seen some oats that were lying scattered on the floor just inside.  I threw some outside; there’s not much to eat out there in this weather.  It’s warmer than it was, though: -10-ish, that’s +14 in F.

I love to see the huge flocks of crows that gather at dusk in the autumn and winter.  I can’t seem to get a good photograph of one of these occasions.  Here are some drawings of different kinds of crows; I made them a few years ago, with our November garden as the background: