I bet you’ll never guess what this is:

The giraffe is no help at all.  It’s so-called “English beer yeast, with glucose”; my daughter bought it for her horse, but apparently some people eat it for extra vitamin B.  It’s 100% natural–that’s always assuming you consider brewing beer to be natural, I suppose– and it’s “rich in proteins”.  It looks quite awful, I certainly wouldn’t eat it:

I suppose it’s related to Marmite.  I quite like Marmite.  What’s the significance of the giraffe poking out of a circle, I wonder?  She also gives the horse cod-liver oil to drink.  I love that.

Something else I noticed the other day at the stables was Hoof Polish.  It has one of those royal warrants on it “By appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, purveyors of hoof polish”.  I knew there was something funny about that family.  They’ve all got hooves.  You notice she always wears white gloves in public.