In the comments about the last-but-one post, Trond raised doubts about the construction date of the icicle building opposite mab’s.  He asked how in the world could such a building be as young as your host, AJP Crown?  It’s a reasonable question, we sure weren’t building this kind of thing in 1953.  Mab has kindly sent us this additional picture:

She says,

to prove that the building next door is a Stalinist style classic, here’s a shot on today’s overcast day. Aren’t the overland pipes attractive? They appeared a long time ago, and after about 5 years were dismantled. Then they put it all back. I’m afraid we’ll have to live with them forever.

I like the two pointless giant* columns that support tiny balconies.  They are tacked on both ends of the building like handles.

*Classical giant order = multi-storey.