1st prize

1st Prize: Koukichi Sugihara's Impossible motion: magnet-like slopes (Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences, Japan).

2nd prize

2nd Prize: Counter‐intuitive illusory contours, by Bart Anderson (University of Sydney, Australia).

Here are a couple of interesting little projects devised by mathematicians — and when I say “little”, there’s one project that illustrates a man’s life’s work.  Anyway, these are two entries in a Scientific American magazine competition called “Illusion Of The Year”. Here are the winners,  I found the first two quite intriguing; especially the second one, because nobody knows why it happens.  You’ll have to use my link to go and play the videos to find out what they’re about.  You can find out more about Koukichi Sugihara’s work at his website.