Two weeks ago right after we had sheared Vesla she came inside for a shower.  Then we toweled her dry and gave her some oats as a reward for being tolerant.  As always she had shown passive resistance to being sheared by lying down and going all floppy, like Gandhi.  But she enjoyed the shower.

Her horns got very clean.  The blue marks are gentian violet; we applied it because she’d been taunting Misty on the other side of some wire fencing and the horns had got a bit scratched.  You can see her worn-out-looking knees; goats develop hard skin there from kneeling (I think we’ve discussed it before).

She ate quite a lot of oats.  Then there was the sound of the front door,

and Topsy the dog bounced in.  Vesla wasn’t expecting this.

She’d had enough fun and games for one day without being confronted by a bloody dog.

Topsy didn’t know what she’d missed, she’d been out shopping.

So Vesla made her aware.  It wasn’t a very hard butt.

But Topsy wondered what the hell was going on.

Vesla presented horns again, but Topsy was already scampering over to me sitting on the sofa.

So, while Topsy figured out what food was being passed out …

Vesla stumped out.