The first of our late-flowering tulips is out, next to the out-house.  I’m not much good at flower photography.  Studiolum very kindly gave me some tips yesterday — his and Kata’s pictures of their Hungarian garden are superb — and I’m going to try some new moves (this isn’t one of them, obviously).

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon pulling up stinging nettles in the goats’ part of the garden  I had heard that goats eat nettles, but they’ve never done so here until today.  I found that Misty, who’s the most willing to experiment with new foods,

would eat them once I’d pulled them up .  Maybe there’s less stinging that way, I don’t know.  I get very stung and it still tingles, but I take a primitive delight in finding the red and yellow shallow roots and ripping them out.  It’s approximately the same satisfaction as I’d have if I were George Smiley and I’d discovered a nest of Soviet spies.  This is more like Studiolum’s marvelous technique:

although he takes them by the dozen and crops them much more.  Oh, well.