One advantage of Norway’s state religion is the remarkable series of public holidays we have in May:  there’s Mayday, Ascension day, 17th May (the anniversary of the drafting of the Norwegian constitution), Whitsun.  Holiday mondays and fridays dissolve into weekends and there are some three-day work weeks. Yesterday was Whit Monday.  We went to try out a horse called Lady Macbeth — known as Betty — she is a young Welsh cob, 144 cm high.

We were in a flattish region very close to the Oslofjord.  Growing raps, or rape, is a recent development in Norway according to my wife.  I saw lots of it in Germany twenty years ago.  It’s only May, it has grown so quickly.

I liked the idea of this rather nice little house directly overlooking a paddock.  It’s an ideal home for a teenaged girl, but the horses must be a pleasant distraction for the whole family:

After walking round and round, other gaits were tried out:

Lady Macbeth has a shiny chestnut-coloured bottom and three white socks.

There was more toing and froing:

and some galloping:

Later I saw these, there are lots of wild violets at the moment: