Someone made a comment about six months ago that they hadn’t seen much of the hens recently.

After about ten or twelve years of hen keeping, nowadays we have only two of them.  They seem quite happy.  Champagne, a Buff Orpington, mostly stays inside.  Cloudy is a faverolle, a very friendly breed of hen with feathery feet.  She lays quite small eggs.

Our best rooster was Leopold, who was a Welsummer until he was killed by a dozy chou-chou dog that jumped the fence illegally.  Leopold was a hell of a rooster; very intellegent, he died defending the six hens and Jussi, his assistant, from this enormous and very dim dog-thing.

All hens the world over have the same action:  they scratch the earth twice with one foot, take two steps backwards and watch for bugs or worms to appear.

How do they know to do this?