I want to point out this tree by the lake, it’s always the first to turn.  The orange begins at the very top and over a week or two gradually works its way down.  I’ve never gone up close to it, but every year my daughter and I discuss it as we drive past in the mornings: isn’t it lovely, why that one, why is it always so much earlier than the others and isn’t it perhaps a even little earlier than last year?  I think it’s an ash; in the spring they’re the last to get leaves and they’re the first trees to lose them in the autumn (but in between, you can practically see them growing).  My wife says it’s a maple, that ash doesn’t turn a bright red.  She could be right.

Update. 11 Sept. Armed with empty’s agreement (below) that it’s a maple,  my wife confronted me this morning with a picture of a spisslønn, another Norwegian  kind of maple that goes red from the top downwards.  She says that’s what it is, and I give in.