Today was a bit warmer than it has been lately, and we went for a proper walk.

I took the goats out for fresh air and exercise.  They’re looking disheveled,

with stalks of hay stuck in their coats.  It probably itches.

I was taking a picture of this horse on the lake, when a skier whizzed by.  This slope down to the lake is the fun bit.  I thought it looked like a poster: Come to sunny-but-cold Norway and drink hot chocolate!

Now that it’s frozen to forty centimetres depth, they practise trotting on the lake.  If you own a trotter and you take it to the races in Oslo or Jarlsberg, and if your horse comes in first place, you might win enough money to break even on the evening’s outing (the cost of entering, transportation, hiring a jockey and so on) – most won’t win, of course, but farmers still do it.

When we came home, Misty was eating the beech hedge.

They stayed out all afternoon until it got dark.