Of all the goats Vesla has the finest wool.  Usually the younger the goat the finer and softer the wool – the best mohair comes from one-year-olds –  but Vesla is an exception: she’s the oldest by a year, the smallest by a good 20 cm, and the finest (where wool is concerned).

Of Holly and Misty, Holly (right) has finer wool.

Misty’s is more greasy which is why it’s darker, and it’s rough to the touch in places – lately it has become matted, almost like dreadlocks.

It’s still lovely wool, much finer than sheep wool.

Of course it varies over the body.  This is Holly’s ear where, even when it’s just been sheared, you can still see it’s fineness.

The rest isn’t bad either.

I don’t think Misty cares one way or the other about wool quality.

I’ve always thought Misty was the prettiest.   My daughter says Holly’s prettier. Holly has blue eyes, which is quite unusual for a goat.

But Misty has has very kind eyes.