Frolicking kid and hobbled goat, Inis Mór. Photograph Juliet Clark, ⓒ 2011

Poet and blogger Tom Clark sent me these two photographs of Irish scenes.  They are part of a marvelous collection all taken by Juliet Clark, Tom’s & Angelica’s daughter, who spent three weeks driving round the country last April.

Beara Peninsula between Ardgroom and Eyeries. Photograph Juliet Clark, ⓒ 2011

I love the goats’ hole in the hedge.

All these goats have much longer tails than ours.

Inis Mór (aka Inishmore) is one of the Aran Islands, off the coast of Galway, in the west of Ireland.  If you think of the map of Ireland as a face Inis Mór is hovering like a grain of pollen under the nostril, and the Beara Peninsula is part of the straggly beard in the far south west.  I think Beara has more to do with bears than beards – at least, there’s a Bear Island to its south.  These locations are all coloured magenta, below:

Update:  Juliet’s pictures of Ireland are well worth looking at.  You can see them all here: