It is very clear and crisp at the moment.  Yesterday, Alma and I clipped Holly.  This meant turning her on her back to cut the wool underneath, and I think it caused her to get grass and twigs stuck on her back.

She must have been pleased to get rid of all that shaggy wool, though.

If you’re wondering why Vesla’s wearing a red scarf, it’s because of the butting that always takes place when one of them has a haircut.

This time Holly accidentally cut Vesla’s forehead, right in front of her horns.

Although Vesla didn’t seem to notice the damage, it was bleeding quite badly; so Alma used a red horse bandage that she wound neatly around Vesla’s horns.  The bandage sticks to itself, but somehow manages not to be sticky on its outer surface – I don’t know how they do that.

I think she looks like Bruce Springsteen.

It’s about time we had some nice weather.