Archives for the month of: June, 2012

The dairy cows are grazing in the meadow next to our garden.

They’re mostly the local brown-and-white (NRF – norsk rød fe), or they’re black-and-white (Frisian), but there’s also this one.  It looks French to me:

Topsy’s not crazy about cows.  Undaunted that it’s never once worked, she makes little rushes at them to scare them away:

They have velvet coats:

These two seemed particularly fond of one another:

The wild roses are out:

Here are some pictures I took yesterday in the garden.  You can see the two stray dogs that Alma found on the road.  They stayed overnight in the kitchen and were then returned to some people down the hill. Very nice dogs, but the barking!

Dog pictures too.  I was given a camera for my birthday and – this is always my biggest problem – I think I can focus sharper with it.

It’s got a video button too, so expect some Youtube action once I’ve figured out how to use it.

I’ve been reading an excellent book about animals, but that will have to wait until next time.