This was the footpath on Sunday.  After Saturday’s miserable weather it would have been problematic going for a walk without wellingtons;  I always wear them at this time of year…but I was not alone.

Sundays are a big deal around here during the autumn.  Many families spend July and the following weekends at their cabins by the sea and winter breaks at their cabins in the mountains.  But after school starts and before there’s snow, they stay home in Oslo.  Then on Sunday afternoon they take the twenty minute drive out here, park the stationwagon, and tramp around the lake with their children and dogs trying to tire them out before Sunday evening.

And this Sunday was a perfect day for it.  I think I took the same picture in the previous post and you can compare them to see the difference a little bit of sunshine and blue sky makes.

Someone even had a campfire:

Every so often I’ll see these white balls on bushes.  Does anyone know what they are?  They seem Christmassy and I’m sure they must be deadly poison otherwise they’d be all gone.

The people walk all the way around.  There’s no stopping them.  If this were England, they’d have found a place for tea by now.

Actually, there is a place about half way that sells waffles and brown cheese and coffee.  Standing outside is my favourite horse; an Irish tinker: huge, with big furry feet that wouldn’t fit in the picture, unfortunately.

Here’s a patch of moss I saw on a tree trunk.  It’s rained so much that moss is becoming a cash crop.

I spent years trying to avoid getting tree branches my pictures.  Now that the leaves have fallen I’m making up for lost time, there’s nothing wrong with the odd twig.