It’s December once again, time to bring out the straw goats.  Here are some very discreet decorations we passed:


It’s snowed again, a tiny bit, and this time it hasn’t melted.

diag tree7425


Some places avoided any accumulation, including this new private venue for viewing the lake, or maybe for fishing.  There was nobody about when we passed by. I think it needs a Trespassers-will-be-prosecuted sign but this is Norway so it won’t happen.


Someone has run over the pedestrian sign.


We were taking a late walk.  Not so late, really, about half-three-ish, but it gets dark so early now.


I got a reasonable shot of the waterfall as we passed.  You’d think it would be easy but the surroundings are quite dark and my pictures nearly always come out blurred.  I’m missing a human figure to give some idea of how big it is – bigger than you’d think from the photograph.


This is the shaky bridge I mentioned the other day. Topsy appreciates the waterfall, I think.


And I like the swirling water.


We met two dogs.  This one liked Topsy.


And then this setter passed us on its way round the lake.  It was alone, it looks as though it might have a gps thing around its neck.  Topsy really liked it but it was preoccupied, just like the joggers.