There is more snow today, though still not enough to ski on.  Our roses are undeterred by it.


We went down to the dog run and met this so-called puppy:


It is allegedly four months old.  God knows what it will look like by next winter.  Topsy was unimpressed, she must have realised it was only a puppy.


But she loved playing with it.  I quite like Alsatians.  It was a good sport,


…as was Jack.


who is also four months old, but closer to the snow.


The lake has frozen over during the past few days.


Except there’s this strip of water down the middle, I don’t know what could have caused it:


For those of you from further south, this is a common sight in snowy regions:  can you see the row of tiny orange lights in the centre-left of the picture below?  It’s a downhill skiing run.  It’s probably got a special name, a kunstigsnøpist or something, but I’m not a downhill skier so I wouldn’t know.  The lights are to help you find your way down the hill in the dark.  Can you imagine trying to ski fast down a hill in the dark?  I’d rather drink poison.

ski lts7667

Here are the maple trees on the slope behind our house, with the goathouse to the left.