As well as being a so-called snow hole – there’s often tons of snow here when it’s all melted down in Oslo – up where we live it’s often foggy, especially in the morning. Roll the three kilometres down the hill to the fjord and it’s clear with sharp sunlight. Sometimes down there there’s what appears to be steam coming off the fjord but there’s no overhead cloud except for the one wrapping our hill.  Our fog clears round about lunchtime, usually. Here is what happened yesterday.



There was a glimmer of sun when we started out from the house.


After a quarter of an hour’s walking I could see the sun – sort of.


And then the fog started rolling back off the lake.


It happened within a couple of minutes.



fog9320It was still difficult to see the cliff behind our house. smalltops9272

When that cleared, the sky was also revealed.  There’s our house at the bottom right, in the shadows.

foghouse9280 Finally, from the garden, through the trees, I could see the horse farm on the far side of the lake. tveiter9321