Here is a peculiar looking brown ram I saw today out in my neighbour’s little pasture.  They sort of rent the sheep, although I’m not sure who pays who, and then they’re returned for the winter to their other quarters a few miles away. If you click on the picture, they’re bigger.


In the blurry background you can see the black sheep of the family and I think there’s a lamb there too.  Today they were silent, but last year they had very deep assertive voices.  None of your hesitant bleating, it was more like Paul Robeson singing Ol’ Man River.


This is a tree stump nearby. I do wish they wouldn’t paint little blobs on the trees; they’re to stop you getting lost, two hundred yards from the car park, but if you’re that anxious you probably ought not to be outside at all.  The fence is to keep the sheep in.  I’m thinking of bringing the goats around tomorrow for a look at the sheep.