Yesterday, I took these pictures of some of what’s currently in bloom here. I planted roughly half and the rest are have planted themselves. Panorama

I’m afraid I’m awfully bad about names. Dyv’s uncle gave us this rose with small flowers.  He repeated the name for me many times over the years.


Now he’s dead and I can’t ask him again. It actually doesn’t matter I’d only forget it again within five minutes. I like single roses (flat ones like this) best until the French very double ones come out. Then I like them best.


This is one of the self-seeding thingies that are all over the place.



We have three or four large lilac (syringa) bushes. They were here when we got here. They are SO dull except for the week or two when they have these wonderful scented flowers (and they’re well worth waiting for).


A Bramley apple blossom.  About five years ago, I planted two Bramley trees. They don’t sell cooking apples in Norway.  God knows why.


A flower from a huge cow parsley that has planted itself next to the rose bush above.


I’ve got a couple more. I’ll post them separately in case this file is getting too big…