For the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking the goats here every  lunchtime.  It’s our view towards Oslo twenty kilometres away, and the Oslofjord.  The goats are eager to accompany the dogs and me; they want a last opportunity to forage for the remaining leaves and accessible berries before everything gets covered in frost, or even snow.  This cloud cover gives you some idea of the recent weather, it’s been raining solidly for days.

(And here is an enlargement of the part of the fjord opposite the city centre that Trond is talking about in the comments, below.)

Here are the ripe rowan berries that the goats love.

Rowan grows up through the rocks at the outlook.

There’s the remains of a campfire below on the lower left.  People come up here on summer nights when it’s light, like in an old Bergman film.

We clipped the wool on Vesla’s face, last weekend.  Now she looks more like the others and less like a hedge.