After I took a picture of the ash-or-maple tree last Thursday, we went to the dog run.  But first we took Alex home; he’s sixteen and doesn’t have any teeth left, and although Topsy protects him he’s very scared of the bigger dogs.

There was only one other dog there when we arrived.  It looked like a bear, but it was a sort of doodle, a cross between a labrador and a Lagotto Romagnolo:

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian water dog, and this dog run is by the lake.  Topsy loves water too, she just won’t go out of her depth.

We at the dog run have found that for some odd reason dogs like to sidle up to a person before shaking the water off.  It only works a couple of times, after that the person knows to run away.

What Topsy loves best is being chased, but doing the chasing is better than nothing.

At times, this dog looks like a wild boar.  Apparently his name is Bob, a completely unsuitable name in English.  It reminds me of the otherwise really good 1950s movie Bob le flambeur; that Bob ought to have been called something like “Fernand”.

Anyway, this could have gone on all day:

But then another dog appeared, announcing its presence in the same way that Topsy likes to: by pretending, very obviously, to be stalking the others.

It’s all a big ritual; round and round.

This dog was a cross between a collie and something.

All three were as fast as each other; different sizes, but still a perfect match:

At some point, a Cairn terrier arrived.  It was much smaller than the others, but very game

and it could keep up:

The terriers, Tops and the Cairn, got a bit…

over excited.

Then they’d all just turn round

and plunge in the lake.

These dogs could have gone on playing for ever.  I hope we see them again.