Snow Leopard asked what we do with the wool.  In the post below this you can see, in the Christmas picture, on the left hand side, the corner of a spinning wheel that my wife spins yarn on.  In this picture Misty is wearing a scarf that my daughter knitted from her wool (they dyed it using some sort of natural dye, a yellow flower) — and jolly warm and soft it is too, I wear it in very cold weather.


That’s a really good shot above of our bright-yellow wood chipper, or whatever they’re called — branch and twig eaters — before I smashed the plastic casing by dropping a bale of hay on it.  Those were the days.  Anyway, below is a close-up of the coat of a newly-sheared goat.  The softest wool comes from young goats, except for Vesle (top right in the above picture), whose wool will always be the top quality.