This morning, Alma wanted me to take a picture of Topsy.

alm tops gate

All of a sudden, we were not alone:


The cows have been around for several weeks.  Bellowing in the field below us, they sound like special effects in an old dinosaur film.  The farmer said, last winter, when they were confined to the cow shed, that these are the loudest cows they’ve ever had. This is the first time this year that they’ve been in our driveway.  It can be a bit of a challenge driving out: not only can they tip cars over if they don’t like them (they like ours, though), but I have to make sure they don’t come charging into the garden — you wouldn’t believe how fast they can eat.

Not all of us are crazy about cows.  Some went to hide in the goat house.


While others didn’t really care:


I went out to take pictures.  When cows see you, they are as curious as any animal:


They want to know what’s going on:



There’s one way to find out if you can eat a camera…


I sat down with them.




I can’t say the goats weren’t curious about the cows.  After I went out, Holly and Misty followed me…

goats 1

but they kept their distance.