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I’m not qualified to write a food blog, but I wanted to show this loaf of bread that my wife made today.  She has claimed that she gets out her aggression by pummeling lumps of dough.  That was before she bought a very fine looking stainless steel machine (it’s not a bread-maker, it’s a dough-kneader), so now she’s a walking time bomb again.  She makes bread every few days and freezes it and it’s sooo much better than the bread in the shops.  She uses very little yeast, a little sourdough starter and she lets it rise for two hours.  The only problem is that Alma & I get bored if it’s always the same, so she uses different recipes and different kinds of flour and seeds.


This loaf is made from gram flour that we bought at a Turkish grocery in our local town.  What is gram flour?  It’s a flour made from ground chana dal, a legume otherwise known as chickpeas*.  Who would have thought you could make ordinary loaves of bread with chick peas.  It looks lovely; it tastes lovely, but not much like chickpeas.

*in the words of Wikipedia