Yesterday lunchtime, I was taking some pictures of the old-witch tree at the top of our drive.   I like the two figures on her right-hand arm, one of them looks like a high-heeled shoe, and I’m wondering whether I ought to do something with it or if it wouldn’t be best to just leave it alone…Anyway, I turned around because there was a young couple oohing and aahing about the goats, who were just behind me

This kind of thing happens all day long at the weekend.  They enjoy the attention

and Vesla in particular has no qualms about asking people for spare change.

Sometimes she follows them as far as the next bend, and you see them start to worry she’s not going to turn back.

You can see that Misty’s got a thing round her neck.  It’s an inverted dog collar that we got from the vet and it prevents her turning her head to lick a wound – a bite she got on the bottom, probably from a dog.

She seems to rather like her collar.

She was very appreciative of the medical help she got as well as enjoying the extra feed she was offered as an inducement to put it on.

Now I think she kind of associates it with the food.