Here are a couple of snaps of the progress of autumn — if progress it is — on the face of it this tree hasn’t altered much in the last week (by the way, the dog run is the grassy area in the distance, immediately to the right of the tree):

Around the far side, looking from the dog run, the orange extends further down:

While I was at it, I took some more dog pictures:

But what I really want to talk about is something else…

Through her interest in horses, my daughter meets a lot of rich young families from the western suburbs of Oslo.  The other day she was with some of these people and their horses, talking to a mother whose smallest and youngest child was called Socrates.

Now Norway has rules about what you can call your children, there are no Dweezels or Moon Units here, so I was kind of pleased to hear that the Greeks are acceptable models.

My question is this: what are Socrates’s siblings called?  Plato and Aristotle?  Is their sister Athena or is she just known as the Delphic Oracle?

Or do their parents introduce them with  “Say hello to young Ken and Janet and our own personal favourite, little Socrates”?